Sunday, September 03, 2006

Off to a slightly shaky start

I thought the first mountain I would have to climb would be in the Pyrenees. That was not to be the case.

Right now, my packed backpack is staring at me longingly from the corner of my living room. We're not on the road yet, he and I, but we will be soon.

On 30 August, the day before my scheduled departure to France to walk the Camino de Santiago for the second time, I pulled a muscle in my back and was confined to bed, unable to walk, for 4 days.

However, after loads of rest and loving attention from close friends,
I'm feeling much better and should be leaving within a day or two.

With the extra time on my hands, I have completed posting (from my bed) the last few stories in the Camino tales series. They tell the story of the personal journey that unfolded on my first Camino walk in 2003 and the inspirations I draw from it in dealing with the challenges everyday life presents me with. I hope you enjoy reading them.

Feel free to share your own experiences here and what you have drawn from your own personal journey, whether on the Camino or otherwise.

Thanks for your visit and for your valued comments and contributions.

I hope to be writing my next post to you from the road soon.

¡Buen camino!

What are your thoughts? Share your views & experiences below.


paulnol said...

Hey John,
Yes, a shaky start, but well done for making it.
A bit of hardship can bring amazing results-in this case creative and admin ones for the site, not to mention a great boost to your spirit.
Don't stop now!

John said...

Thanks Paul for the encouragement. I'm hanging in there - back pain or not. I am drawing much inspiration and courage from other pilgrims I've met who are facing much greater obstacles than mine. They are shining examples of what humans can achieve when they set their mind and spirit to it...
Much love